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Mastering Boundaries To Unlock Your Full Potential

Ignite Your Personal Power Matrix;

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Transform Your Pain Into Power

With Personal Integrative Quantum Programs

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The Quantum Clarity Experience:
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Why Choose The
Bolen Alchemy Institute

The Bolen Alchemy Institute (BAI) trains you in the most powerful tools on the planet, and teaches you how to build from the heart. The BAI offers one on one empowerment programs, allowing your resilient soul to thrive with your abilities and re-igniting your hidden magic. The transformational trainings seamlessly interweave different healing modalities into profitable customized programs. With a full range of support for their overachieving health care providers, the BAI is the leading institute bridging you into integrative quantum healing realm.

“The Wellness industry has all the right elements, it needs a little alchemy to empower its patients on their healing journey.” 
Dr. Liz Bolen, ND
Transforming Your Holistic Health Practice
People are Not Broken, nothing needs to be fixed!

The Root Cause Stems from the Unconscious Mind

All Disease Has Secondary Gains

Disease Occurs after an isolated highly acute trauma

Transformational Trainings

There is something more to learn, you feel it in your bones. Something magical is calling your name. Train in the most powerful tools on the planet and enter the world of Quantum Healing. Learn more here at either of.... BHI Practitioner

Modern Hypnosis

Empowerment Programs: Transforming Overwhelmed to Resilient

Work 1:1 with Dr. Liz, ND to transform your mind, body and soul. Dr. Liz, ND holds sacred space while you breakthrough the obstacles trapping you in overwhelm. Dr. Liz, ND is so confident of your inner magnificence that she guarantees her results in writing.

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Reignite Your Passion: A Three Step Guide To Transform Your Practice

Transform your practice instantly. The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything. Watch as your practice transforms as you bring more passion into your life.

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Launch your Practice Transformation: A Complimentary Discovery Call with Dr. Liz, ND

Contact Dr. Liz, ND and see what magic unfolds. Discover your next steps, and gain guidance on your journey.

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Transformational Programs

From Stress Management to Guaranteed Results

Reignite Your Passion

A Three Step to Transform Your Practice

Launch Your Practice Transformation

A Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Bolen, MD

Featured Training

{Practioner Program}

“High functioning over achievers can juggle more than the average person, and that doesn’t mean they need to. There is a fine balance between being trapped by your capabilities, and thriving with your abilities.”
Dr. Liz Bolen, ND

Personal Power Matrix Mastering Boundaries To Unlock Your Full Potential
“You magnetized this powerful tool to you during a time of intense change and growth in your life, because these are the lessons I learned during a very similar time in my life.”  – Dr. Liz ND TNLP TCHt TTLT

Let’s Talk

Are you ready to break free from the obstacles keeping you trapped in your overwhelm? Determined to transform your practice by bridging into Integrative Quantum Healing? Let’s talk.

Book your 1:1 Complimentary 30 min Discovery Call to gain clarity on the root of your pain and the next steps on your journey.

“High functioning is a beautiful strategy that comes from a resilient soul.”
Dr. Liz Bolen, ND

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Are you interested in an ancient secret that only a small number of people know about speeding up your recovery
Are you interested in an ancient secret that only a small number of people know about speeding up your recovery
Are you interested in an ancient secret that only a small number of people know about speeding up your recovery