About Dr. Liz
The Bolen Alchemy Institute

About Dr. Liz Bolen ND

Liz is a truly authentic soul that sees your inner magnificence, and listens to you un-judgementally while holding sacred space for your transformation. Her ability to lovingly call you out on your BS as she compassionately guides you forward, despite yourself, guarantees your success.

Feeling trapt and a black sheep all her life, Liz fostered her inner resilience by pushing herself to find freedom that allows her to thrive. The poster child for perfectionist and overachiever, Liz has adopted imperfect action, and finds triumph through wielding the magic of being high functioning.

Walking the “alternative” path, she has found her calling in integrative Quantum Healing. She is calling her kin to find their home in their profession of their dreams. Liz is a wonderful guide on the journey of bridging science, medicine, and magic in the field of Quantum Healing.

Her Superpowers: The alchemist for Quantum Healing, Diva of Action, and Mother Goddess.

Her Favourite Quotes: 

“True Alchemy is the science of the heart. Become the alchemist that transmutes your heartfelt dream and brings it into form”Roxana Jones

“Build from the heart, and everything transforms.”
Dr. Liz Bolen, ND”

About The Bolen Alchemy Institute

“Transformations happen every day. The magic in day to day life, creates marvels for a lifetime of change.”
Dr. Liz Bolen, ND

Bolen Alchemy Institute (BAI) is transforming the wellness industry through innovation, training and magic. BAI guides its students in empowering their patients on their healing journey, finding their dream profession, and guiding them on their enlightened path.

BAI trains alternative healthcare providers to become powerful healers by integrating the most powerful tools on the planet with their own healing modalities. Ambitions to be the next Hogwarts, the Bolen Health Institute empowers its students to create from the heart, and raise their vibrations so they resonate with their people.

BAI is the bridge into Quantum Healing. Adding Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Create Your Own Future Processes R , Hypnotherapy and Health Results Coaching allows you to easily work in 42 different countries, and opens an entire new world of possibilities.

Quantum Healing:

Do you feel the words “Quantum healing” resonate through your body? Is practicing the most powerful healing, sound like music to your ears? Are you looking for the secret of transformation?

Quantum healing is mind body medicine. Healing happens at the deepest point where mind meets body; where our thoughts and emotions start to have an effect on genes, neurotransmitters, and hormonal regulation. This is the quantum realm of healing. “Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts”- Deepak Chopra MD.
There is more research being done on mind-body techniques changing gene expression, and increasing our ability to heal. Quantum healing uses a series of reproducible techniques that alter the brain structure that can been seen on a dry CT scan.

Healing can take a fraction of the time you were told. A secret, practitioners in integrative Quantum Medicine learn is where to find the root of all illness. “Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.”- unknown.

It’s time to start believing in your magnificence and that of others. Learn to wield the most powerful tools on the planet, so you can start making the difference you always dreamed of.