Are You Open to Learning?

Can you find the silver linings in your life? Do you listen to the voice inside your head screaming there is something more? When you look at your degree, do you think you’re done learning?

Every time I feel like I’ve done enough, or hear myself saying, “I’m ok right now”,  I know I’m in trouble. I see myself shutting off my openness to learning.

I have spent well over a decade in post-secondary education, learning different types of medicines, mindfulness, hypnosis, Neurolinguistic programming, business, accounting, genetics, and a very long list of impressive sounding topics. After completing every degree, or designation,  I think I’m done. This is it. I have everything I need to become successful.

It comes down to this. I am hoping that I have put in enough time, money and energy to create the life that I want, while using the information I have learned already. The truth is, You are never done while you are still breathing.

Being open to lessons is what I closed down. Picture this: You have a cup full of water, and a water jug with beautiful sparkling  water. When you pour water into the full cup it starts to over flow. Now, picture an empty cup, and you pour the sparkling water into the empty cup. This cup holds it easily and effortlessly.

When you feel you’re full of information you aren’t able to receive anymore. There is nothing left to learn, you are the full cup. That cup shuts down the infinite wisdom of the universe. The universe is pouring sparkling water into you to help you achieve your dreams. Closing off your willingness to grow leads to the universe having to hit you with a metaphorical 2 by 4 so you snap out of. You notice patterns emerging. You date the same type of guy, you are getting the resistant patients, you’re overwhelmed, and your life is getting harder. Your life can be blowing up around you. These are all signs that you have shut down and are completely full.

The Universe will provide circumstances for you to empty your cup, so you can continue to grow. Deciding to stay open is a choice. Being open to learning, and manifesting the life you want requires work. You need to take care of yourself, start building your own resiliency to the stressors of life, and always be asking yourself this powerful question…. What am I supposed to learn?

Life doesn’t have to be hard. Staying open doesn’t have to be hard. There are many, many ways you can easily and effortlessly create the life you have always dreamed of. It takes a tribe to keep you honest and open. Cheering you on, and holding space for your missteps.

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