Building from the Heart

We all went into practice to make a difference. We have events in our past that triggered our passion to heal people and make a difference. We went through schooling knowing when we start seeing patients our life will be full gratifying experiences that would fuel our lives.

This did not happen for me. I remember the specific instance where running a practice gets real. I had to pay my rent at the clinic I was an independent contractor, and I saw what I had to live off of. That first month of working really opened my eyes. I had patients pre-booked for when I opened my practice and it wasn’t enough to provide the life I have imagined.

Then you start studying business and advertising so you can build your client list. You start doing a monthly newsletter, and weekly blog posts. You start to grow your practice and then you start to burnout since you are doing everything. Your life outside your practice is becoming strained. You are spending all your time and energy in your business with very little to give you your spouse and kids. Your Guilt sets in, and before you know it you are burned out, unhappy, and lost your passion.

I did this. I thought that doing what you loved to do, meant that you were going to have a dream life. What I never realized is that it takes structure that your heart created so there is cup to hold your business.

I’m a healthpreneur. If I am going to be telling my patients to do something, I better be living it. Building a business from your heart is counter intuitive. You know there are “rules” that you are supposed to follow to create a successful business. The problem is that it doesn’t suit your life. What does business look like in your world? What does success look like?

Those are the goals you are building structure around. Building from what success looks like to you, in your life, doing the things you are passionate about. It is easier than you think. It starts with a decision, which allows you to believe whole heartedly that you deserve your dream. You’re belief fuels your desire and it becomes easier to visualize, eventually it manifests.

If you are struggling with creating your dream practice, book a discovery call with me, right now. The world needs you out there healing, let me be your guide!