Embracing Your Seven Sacred Needs for a Vibrant Life

Embracing Your Seven Sacred Needs for a Vibrant Life

Life is a rich tapestry, and every thread matters—each one adds color, strength, and texture to the picture we create of our existence. Interestingly, our seven sacred needs—Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Financial, Educational, and Sexual—will be met, one way or another. The crucial choice we face is whether we meet them consciously and healthily or allow them to be satisfied in unconscious, potentially harmful ways. Your needs are non-negioable. Recognizing and deliberately nurturing these needs can enhance the quality and vibrancy of our life’s tapestry.

1. Physical Needs: The Foundation
Think of your body as the home you’ll live in for your entire life. How do you want it to feel? Meeting your physical needs through balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and restorative sleep is essential. This also includes our physical environment: living, work, where we visit, etc. When neglected, our bodies communicate through fatigue, discomfort, or illness, nudging us to pay attention. If we ignore these signs, our body finds less healthy ways to cope, like craving junk food or caffeine for quick energy boosts. Tune into these signals; they’re the first step toward healing and strength.

2. Emotional Needs: The Heart’s Echo
Our hearts speak their own language—joy, sadness, fear, gratitude, jealousy, and love. Listening to and honoring these emotional cues forms the crux of emotional well-being. Surround yourself with people who uplift and understand you, where your feelings are not just heard but cherished. Take accountability that your emotions are biochemical feedback from your body looking to communicate with you. You can develop emotional intelligence towards self. Ignore this, and you might find yourself unconsciously seeking approval or engaging in negative relationships just to feel connected. Embrace emotional wellness by forming supportive relationships.

3. Mental Needs: Thoughts for Thriving
Your thoughts do more than just shape your worldview; they can directly influence your genetic makeup through epigenetics. By engaging in stimulating activities like problem-solving and continuous learning, you not only enhance your cognitive abilities but also promote genetic expressions linked to thriving and happiness. Avoid the trap of passive habits like excessive screen time, which fail to leverage this powerful connection. Cultivate a vibrant, active mind to enrich your life experience and overall joy.

4. Spiritual Needs: The Soul’s Compass
Whether or not you follow a religion, your spiritual needs involve connecting to something greater than yourself, seeking deeper meanings, or simply appreciating the beauty of existence. This can be through meditation, nature walks, or art. Neglect can leave a void filled with superficial connections or materialistic pursuits, unconsciously sought to fill the emptiness. Find what elevates your spirit and makes you feel part of the infinite.

5. Financial Needs: The Means to Meaning
Money isn’t just currency; it’s the means to create a life aligned with your deepest values. Managing it wisely—budgeting, saving, investing—provides security and freedom. Ignoring financial planning can lead to unconscious spending or living paycheck to paycheck. Approach your finances with intention, and build the life you dream of.

6. Educational Needs: The Quest for Knowledge
Learning is a lifelong journey. It doesn’t end with a diploma; that’s just where it begins. Staying curious and engaged with the world keeps your mind sharp and your outlook fresh. If you neglect this need, you might unconsciously settle for stagnation, leading to a life that feels repetitive and dull. Ignite your passion for knowledge—it’s one of the few things that grows as you share it.

7. Sexual Needs: The Dance of Connection
Sexuality is a fundamental aspect of human connection and personal identity. It deserves attention and respect. A fulfilling sexual life is essential for emotional and physical intimacy. When out of balance, it can lead to dissatisfaction and strained relationships, or unconsciously risky behaviors. Engage with this part of your life openly and honestly, ensuring it reflects your desires and respect for boundaries. Remembering you do not need a partner to get your sexual needs met either.

Weaving Your Life Tapestry
Your life is not just about surviving; it’s about thriving. By understanding and consciously addressing your seven sacred needs, you’re not just existing; you’re crafting a vibrant, fulfilling life. Regularly reflect on these areas, make adjustments as needed, and embrace a proactive approach to your well-being. This conscious engagement is key to transforming your life into a richer, more colorful tapestry. It’s your life, your masterpiece—nurture it with care and creativity.

Unveiling the Deeper Meaning Behind Money Issues: A Journey Through the Sacral Chakra and Beyond

Unveiling the Deeper Meaning Behind Money Issues: A Journey Through the Sacral Chakra and Beyond

Money is often seen as a mere tool, a means to an end, or a resource we use to secure our needs and desires. It can also represent power, safety, self-worth, and freedom. However, persistent financial difficulties can often be symptomatic of deeper issues rooted in our psyche and spiritual health. Specifically, the state of our sacral chakra can provide profound insights into our relationship with money, as well as our connections with the world around us and the people in it.

Understanding the Sacral Chakra: The Seat of Wealth and Well-Being.

In the realm of chakra systems, the sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana, is the center of our emotional, creative, and sexual energy. Located in the lower abdomen, this chakra governs our ability to connect, feel pleasure, and experience intimacy. It’s also intimately linked to our sense of abundance and our financial health. The sacral chakra is how we connect to the world.

When the sacral chakra is unbalanced or blocked, it can manifest as various issues, including financial instability, excess hoarding, and many other expressions of unhealthy relationships with money. This might be surprising, but consider this: if you are disconnected from your ability to experience joy, pleasure, and connection, how can you truly value and attract wealth? Wealth in this context isn’t merely financial but encompasses a rich quality of life.

Alchemy in the Sacral Chakra

The process of alchemizing your sacral chakra involves transforming your foundational emotional and relational dynamics into something richer. This could mean moving from fear and scarcity around money to abundance and trust. Such a transformation impacts not just your bank account but also the richness of your interactions and the openness of your relationships.

For example, someone with a blocked sacral chakra might hoard money out of fear, thus repelling potential opportunities for more significant wealth. Conversely, by working through these blockages, one might begin to use money in a way that promotes shared experiences and deeper connections, thus enhancing their emotional and financial wealth.

The Mindset Shift: From Scarcity to Abundance

Shifting our mindset from scarcity to abundance is crucial in this transformation. This shift isn’t just about being optimistic; it’s about fundamentally altering how we view ourselves and our interactions with the world. It requires us to believe that we are worthy of success and happiness, and that there is enough for everyone.

Money and Relationships

In romantic relationships, money issues can often reflect underlying problems with intimacy and trust. Financial disagreements might not just be about the money itself, but about what money represents—security, love, appreciation, control. Partners with a healthy sacral chakra balance tend to view money as a tool to enhance their relationship rather than a battleground.

In the broader context of our relationship to the world, our financial attitude reflects our inner beliefs. Do we see the world as a place of lack or as a place of plenty? Our interaction with money can mirror our deepest beliefs about what we deserve from the world and what we think we can give back to it.

Money and Business

In business, a balanced sacral chakra encourages healthy risk-taking and innovation. When entrepreneurs are connected with their sacral chakra, they are more in tune with their creative energies, allowing for more intuitive business decisions. This connection also promotes healthier relationships with employees, partners, and customers, as it fosters a sense of mutual respect and collaboration rather than competition or exploitation.

Practical Steps for Alchemizing Your Relationship with Money

  1. Self-Reflection and Journalling: Begin by acknowledging your current emotions and beliefs about money. Write out a money autobiography starting with your parents’ relationship to money and your upbringing. Are there fears or negative patterns that seem to repeat in your financial life? Understanding these can help pinpoint blockages in your sacral chakra.
  2. Emotional Release: Since the sacral chakra is tied to emotions, and the element water, finding ways to express and release emotions is crucial. Time Line Therapy is one of the fastest and gentlest ways to take off that emotional back pack and work through your emotions.
  3. Creative Engagement: Engaging in creative activities can help unblock and activate the sacral chakra. Whether it’s cooking, painting, writing, or dancing, creativity boosts your sense of joy and abundance, which can translate into your financial life.
  4. Mindfulness and Meditation: Practices like meditation, yoga, or tai chi can enhance your awareness and help in balancing your chakras. Specific sacral chakra meditations can focus on envisioning orange light (the color associated with this chakra) around the lower abdomen, promoting energy flow and healing.
  5. Visualization: Visualizations can also be powerful in manifesting financial goals and desires. Picture yourself achieving your financial goals and what that looks and feels like. Start to Program your Reticular Activation System (RAS) on a regular basis to start changing your unconscious programming.

The Holistic Approach to Financial Wellness

Understanding that money issues may be a sign of deeper emotional and spiritual imbalances allows us to address our financial difficulties more holistically. By focusing on the health of our sacral chakra, we are not just improving our financial situation but also enhancing our overall well-being and happiness. Money stops being the excuse for deeper rooted patterns.

This is a sustainable path to deeper satisfaction and prosperity in all aspects of life. By transforming our relationship with money, we are also transforming our relationship with ourselves and the world around us, creating a life rich with abundance and authenticity.

The Physical Body: Working with Human Design

The Physical Body: Working with Human Design

Why is that people always come in to see a doctor when they are sick or in pain? This is a question I have asked myself, my patients and other healthcare providers.

In North America we have lost the focus of health promotion and have started to focus on disease prevention. Which tells me that our collective unconscious holds the belief that “disease is evitable if you have a human body”. Which Is a ridiculous notion.

 As health care providers we have an abundant amount of information and treatments to optimize the physical body. This is where modern medicine reigns supreme, so why is it that more and more people are getting sick and staying that way?

In my opinion we have lost the basics to actual regulate our physical form in teaching the basics of how our bodies work as a whole. Our physical body is how we experience the world around us, our ability to heal and where we can access our power.

I have had many clients say that they wanted to get their power back…. Which is hysterical. Your power never went anywhere, you dissociated from it, because you didn’t want to be present. People now think grounding is an existential concept, rather than a set up action steps that has a physiological response.

Most people have no idea how to healthily program their Reticular Activation System (RAS) in their brain so they can attract more wealth, happiness, and health. These practical teachings have left the health care system. They maybe basic, and yet, they are the most effective tools that exist in regulating our neurological, endocrine and cardiopulmonary systems.

Our physical body works in a very specific way; our thoughts will lead to the production of a neurotransmitters, which will cascade through every cell in our body, and will control our epigenetics factors. Dr. Bruce Lipton is the reigning expert on this topic. Now overtime, the repetition of negative thoughts flooding the same pathways will train your brain, and how your body to react. This will end up forming your “normal resting state”.

So if you are have a lot of negative thoughts that are going unchecked, of course illness will become inevitable. You haven’t addressed the mechanism in which illness has entered your reality.

I always get the question, “What happens with viruses?”. Wonderful question. If your body is in perfect health and your immune system is optimized, will you be affected by the virus? The answer is no, your immune system would have taken care of it. Being in perfect health isn’t something that is going to happen 100% of the time, although your immune system will be strong enough that you will be able to fight the infection and heal from the virus quickly.

Now understanding that the physical body is the last body where disease will show up, is pivotal to health and wellness. That means illness has to move through your spiritual, mental and emotional body in order to create illness in your physical form.

Which disease you have is no accident either. The particular disease is a physical metaphor from your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is sending you a very specific message to help you learn and grow from. Learn the lesson, and magically watch your physical body start getting better faster than you ever imagined possible.

This view on healing predates Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda Medicine. These are not my theories; I just use them to produce “magical” results.

If we are looking to optimize our physical bodies, why are we focusing on medications and supplements primarily?

Medication and supplementation work and have their place in the healing journey. That is a given. They are not the be all and end all. The lifestyle changes being prescribed need to have regulation of the emotional, mental and spiritual body on top of changing your diet, getting more exercise, meditation and mindfulness practices.

Working with the unconscious mind is fundamental if you want to be an effective healer. Your unconscious mind holds all your health programs and strategies. It regulates your blood pressure, your breathing, and hormone secretion. Your unconscious mind runs your physical body. Going about health consciously takes a very long time, and a lot of willpower.

Going about health unconsciously allows for amazing results while you get to rewrite the programs that are running your physical body. You start to work with how the human body is designed to function.

Working with root cause medicine is not where you think. It Is much deeper than you expected, and a lot easier to work with, when you have the proper tools for the job.

This turns working with the physical body on its head! Good, it should. The way modern medicine is going about it now isn’t working. It’s time to transform and up level this entire industry.

Do you want to go deeper with patients while creating lifelong change? Are you curious how to truly optimize the human body, with very little effort? Then book a Zoom Tea with me right now! Let’s see why our paths crossed

Our Four Bodies

Our Four Bodies

Do you feel that healing the mind, body and soul is the only effective way to heal?  Do you sound like a broken record because you keep repeating “it’s not about changing your diet; it’s about changing your life”?

You’re on the right track. Root cause medicine is about working with more than just the physical body. It is about aligning and balancing all four bodies.

Every time I say, we have 4 bodies everyone looks at me sideways. They have always been told mind, body and soul. The easiest comparison I can make are these assumptions; balancing the mind is about mental and emotional health, the body is the physical body, and the soul is balancing the spiritual body. It is a different way to look at the same philosophy.

The Four bodies come from ancient esoteric literature and has a set of tools and behaviours that need to be mastered in order to be healthy. They are all considered bodies because they have a behaviour that need to be implemented. Not concepts, or theories of how to balance them, actual skill sets. 

The Physical Body is exactly what you assume. It is our body and all that makes it up. Bones, skin, organs, muscles, ligaments etc. We have studied the human physical form for centuries. We have even created specialists for that can tell you all about each system in our body and its individual purpose. When I am talking about the physical body, I am looking at the human body as a whole. How each system interrelates to each other, and how to bring our physical body into beautiful homeostasis. Our physical body is how we experience our reality, and our ability to heal.

The emotional body handles our emotions. It is not an abstract body. This body represents our relationship and feelings to all things. This is where our reality is interpreted and synthesized. How we feel in a situation dictates how we respond. Our emotions are how we interpret the world in the beginning. If left unchecked, we become over emotional and repress the emotional body you become hard and ill. The emotional body speaks through the nervous system, hormones, and water homeostasis in the body. Our emotional body is a bridge between the physical and mental body.

The mental body is about our thoughts, attitudes, and judgements. This is the body of our intellect. Everything we have learned in school, how we process information, which words we choose, and it deals with our focus, clarity and direction.

What we think will come from the mental body through the emotional body, release neurotransmitters and hormones, and cascade down to the smallest parts of our physical body. Altering our epigenetics. This has been well documented, and Biology of Belief is a beautiful resource if you want to learn more. Dr. Bruce Lipton is a genius.  

So what about our spiritual body?

Our Spiritual Body connects us to world outside ourselves. Through our spiritual body we are connected to the earth, the universe, God, the beyond, our higher self. Our spiritual body allows us deeper meaning and purpose. It connects us to all that is in existence. Doesn’t have to do with religion or spirituality. It has to do with connection, and that we are not alone. It really represents the unity between our soul, life, experience and destiny. 

All these bodies need to be balanced in order to live a happy, healthy, wealthy and thriving life. We will have strength and weaknesses in all bodies, and we will favour others. I know growing up and going through Med school I liked to pretend that I didn’t have emotions and spirituality wasn’t for me. Again, I was suffering from anxiety and complete denial that I have been given spiritual gifts.

 My mental and physical body got all my focus and were overacting on my underdeveloped emotional and spiritual bodies. It was only by working on my weakest bodies did I get better. Faster than ever expected. I accepted that I have a spiritual body and it needs to be nourished so I can truly heal. 

The human body and consciousness are incredible. How adaptable we are, and how all our bodies work together in beautiful harmony.

What is important to know is that illness will affect all four bodies. Illness also doesn’t start in the physical body, it ends in the physical body. It will pass through our spiritual, mental, emotional and into our physical body.

In our physical body we experience the discord of illness. To truly heal we need to heal more than just our physical form. We need to heal our thoughts and connect our existence to our divine mission.

I never thought I would be talking about divine missions and balancing the spiritual body. I thought doctors who talked of such things drank the cool aid and were off their rockers. I learned the hard way that I needed to be less resistant and embrace that I was really meant for more. The role of a healer is to do just that. We bridge people into their divine missions to align their spiritual body to work in harmony with the other three.

When the majority of the healer on the planet have the skill sets to do this, we will have a shift in global consciousness, truly use root cause medicine, and transform the wellness industry for the better.

The Unwritten Healer Boundaries

The Unwritten Healer Boundaries

Have you ever wanted a manual that simply tells you how to be the best human you can be? Have you ever wondered why your professional college has a code of conduct? Or why those codes of conducts aren’t complete?

There are so many different texts to look through and none of them are complete. We have different religious texts that talk of how to “be good”, we have our professional colleges code of conduct to handle the legality of practicing, and no one ever talks about the energetic boundaries of being a successful healer.

We have been left to piece together our own interpretation of keeping ourselves safe mentally, emotionally and spiritually while practicing. Would you believe there is an actual skill set that needs to be put in place in your practice? That skill set will also allow you to have more time with your family, make more money, and heal people so deeply it seems like magic.

 This skill set is putting in fundamental healer boundaries AND ENFORCING THEM.

When I first learned of boundaries in a formal manner, I swore that I had amazing boundaries. I was having major anxiety attacks, working myself to the bone, made myself available for patients, and let my guilt control my actions… and  I swore I had phenomenal boundaries.

That is not having boundaries. That is having an illusion of what boundaries are with no tactical skill sets to enforce them, or when I need to put them in place.

When you learn how to properly put in healthy boundaries in your practice, there will be a ripple effect throughout your life. Your relationships, your business, your health, and your happiness will all change for the better. In this blog we are going to look specifically at the top three healer boundaries to enforce in your practice.

1. Scheduling (the time boundary).

You have heard this one before, and not this way. Your calendar is a boundary for your life. Your calendar means that you have set time for seeing clients, time for managing your business, and time for growth and development. You honour your hours, all the different forms of them. This also implies that your practice time is not just filled with seeing patients.

 Now this being said, you get to make your own hours. My business hours are designed to work with my most productive times during the day. I will not see a client or a patient before 1 PM. I need my morning routine to set me up, to be the best I possibly can for the day. I only see people one: one on certain days. This reminds me of a story.

I had a referral from another health coach to help this client get over being stuck. This client was stuck and had tried everything. I agreed to do a Mindset Intake where I look at their unconscious programming. All this potential client had to do was book in at a time I had available. They said they were willing to do anything, and when it came down to it, they kept asking for times I wasn’t available.

The younger version of me, would have made an exception and opened another time slot up so I could see them. The wiser version of me loves my boundaries and knows that it is the client’s responsibility to come and see me when I am available. If they are not willing to shift their schedule to fit in their own healing, then they really aren’t ready to heal. They are just talking about wanting to be ready. He thought that in order to become healthy, it had to be convenient. That unconscious programming will only lead to minimal results and keep them stuck… the very thing they say they want to get over.

You see, by making myself available to suit the needs of my clientele isn’t healthy. It also doesn’t show them how to enforce boundaries. It allows old unconscious patterning to continue and makes my life harder; my work and family life suffer. When did it become the social norm for holistic healthcare providers to drop everything to heal the world?  Why are we supposed to work late hours to suit everyone else’s schedule and take time away from our families?

Time is one of the primary boundaries that needs to be enforced in order to create a balance in your life. You will build the ideal practice. You will be seeing patients who are really looking to heal and will prioritize their health. Welcome to the recipe of your dream practice.  

 2. Responsibility for Change (Energetic and emotional Boundaries)

We have all heard that the patient needs to do the work. It is their body and their life. We have the physical and mental boundaries around the responsibility for change. No one goes to their patient’s house and force feeds them healthy food. We know that it’s their life to do with as they choose. Most healers never got the memo for the energetic and emotional boundaries around the responsibility for change.

When a client comes in and says that nothing as improved…. Is the first thought that runs thought your head a variation of; “Crap… I must have done something wrong… why am I  not good enough to be a doctor?”

99% of healers do have those thoughts pop up on a regular basis. If their client is not getting better than that means that they aren’t good at what they do. This is an emotional response. You are also dropping down into your patient’s energetic field and taking on their hopelessness. That is a major boundary break for 2 reasons.

 Your patient is there to get better. Dropping into their energetic field is breaking their boundary, and you’re focus ends up being on your own pity party. They are not paying for either of those.

 Letting your patient off the hook for not seeing their own results breaks your healer boundary. You gave them an amazing treatment plan, why are they not following it? Who says that change had to be easy in order to make it happen? Are there gaps that need to be filled on changing their diets? You need to put on your detective hat and figure out where the client needs extra resources. Maybe a different dosage or supplement brand. This has nothing to do with your ability as a healer.

 The same is true when they are doing amazing. The client is doing amazing, not you. They are doing the doings and reaping the benefits. You congratulate them on all their work and manage your own emotional and energetic boundaries.

3. Calibrating on patient’s behaviours vs feelings (Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Boundaries)

 How many of us ask how the patient is doing, and when they say they feel amazing we take that as a sign that our treatment plans are working? How many of us, automatically start revising our treatment plan when they say they are feeling crappy?

 Effective healers know that how you are feeling is irrelevant to your results. Happy, healthy and wealthy are sets of behaviours that lead us to sustained happiness, health and wealth.

 Have they effectively taken out gluten, or doing it only some of the time? Are they exercising regularly? Are they consistently taking their iron supplement? These are behaviors that will lead to sustained health.

 Being healthy also means that people will feel all their emotions. That is healthy. Unconsciously signalling to your patients that being in a bad mood means something is wrong, trains them that to equate sadness= unhealthy. Sadness is a biochemical signal to change something. It is a healthy response to many situations.

 Managing your need to make people feel better in your presence is about enforcing your emotional, spiritual and mental boundaries.

 Your thoughts need to be on what the client truly needs…. Not what is going to make you feel better about them being sad. This reminds me of another story.

 A woman came into my office and started to cry as soon as she sat down. She kept saying she was sorry, and this isn’t like her. She was trying to pull herself together. There are two typical responses in this situation; console her, or hope she pulls it together to do the session.

 My response was to gently question her beliefs. Why are you apologizing for crying?  Who told you that crying was unacceptable? How often do you let yourself cry? Effectively I am normalizing a healthy response in her world. My focus is completely on her gaining awareness of the unhealthy pattern she has been running. I am breaking an unhealthy belief that has limited her emotional health.

 If my focus was on how I felt, I would have immediately gone over there and consoled her. I would have given her advice on what was bothering her. That would have made me and her feel better. That is a short term fix.  Because my focus was on healing her, I allowed her to heal and become aware of deeper issues that run through her entire life. That has a massive impact.

 I then tasked her to change behaviours around crying and emotional expression. I gave her some skills and behaviours to use to bring her emotional body back into balance. Every time I checked in on her I was focused on her behaviours.

 Effective healers always calibrate on behaviours, and fill the gaps as they appear during the course of treatment.

 You can see how enforcing just these three boundaries will make a massive impact on your life, and your patients’ life. Notice it starts with you. You need to enforce your boundaries. You need to change your life before you can impact others. You get to be the change, and it requires a lot less work than you ever thought it would.

 Tell me your thoughts? What questions do you have? Let me know how this changed your life? Book a discovery call with me RIGHT NO

The Healer’s Role

The Healer's Role

Do you see a person and pain and swoop in, without even thinking? Are you drawn to people who need help? Do you graciously offer your knowledge and wisdom to those you think could benefit from it?

That makes you a healer. A beautiful and magical healer with amazing capabilities. It also comes with certain boundaries and roles that aren’t spoken about.

The people I work with, and train are healers in the tops of their industries. They are looking to grow and break free from the traditional model of practice that leaves healers burnt out and broke.

I want to share a secret with you.  I received this secret from the very wise mystical healers in integrative Quantum Medicine. Listen closely….  being broke, boundary-less, and scattered is not fulfilling my mission and getting me further from my need to heal the world. That is a sure-fire way to continue hiding and playing it small. It will also ensure that I stay broke, exhausted and have a “legit” excuse not to do my soul contracted mission.

Let’s unpack my previous statement. There are a lot of presuppositions in that sentence, and I want to make sure we are all on the same page before I move on.

1. You have a human body, which means that you have a higher purpose and mission to fulfill here down on earth.
2. That higher purpose is written into your soul contract. You signed that contract, or you would have been given a body.
3. Keeping yourself exhausted and burnt out is an active choice, and typically one made on the unconscious level.
4. You are unconsciously breaking your soul contract by refusing to take care of yourself. Your job is to keep yourself full, and energized. That way you can help humanity and make the impact that you seek.
5. Being scattered, or what I lovingly call “Squirrel syndrome”, is an unconscious pattern you use, to avoid how powerful you truly are.
6. Boundaries and structure are requirements to manage your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Which means you must enforce your boundaries.
7. Your boundaries are your responsibility.
8. Being a healer is one of the highest forms of service and needs to have an equivalent exchange of energy. Which means, you have the ability to make billions of dollars in exchange for your services. Embrace the energetic exchange.

Now that we are all on the same page. Take a deep breath and relax. I promise you, it will all be ok. 

Let’s talk about your amazing gifts and skills. I know that you are a phenomenal healer with amazing and heartfelt intentions. You wouldn’t have made a career for yourself in the wellness industry if you didn’t want to help people.

What has gotten lost, as our medical advancements increased, is our ability to take responsibility for our own healing. The mentality that patients need to be fixed is false and harmful. This is where pills (pharmaceutical and nutraceutical) have come to dominate the wellness industry. Those are crutches are hiding unhealthy patterns and bandied solutions halting true healing.

Our role as healers is guide people through their healing journey ensuring that they take full responsibility for their health. That they get better by doing the doings that are designed to up level their entire life. Not just their health.

You must first take the journey yourself before you can stick your hand out to anyone else to help them. Our job is to offer our services and make sure they can continue their path on their own merit. As you up level you then can lead them through on their next step of their journey.

All modalities work. Our role is to know when to use which modality and WHY we are using it. It is our responsibility to work with all 4 bodies and bring those into balance. This is accomplished through different tasks that the patients can do on their own.

In the beginning you will be monitoring them. You will help guide them when they are toddlers learning to the “manage” stage I talked about last week. These tasks will be their lifestyle changes. Those changes, if done effectively, will ricochet through their entire life. This way they up level and gain the clarity to do their soul’s mission.

The role of a healer is far greater than healing just the physical body. It is about bring alignment of all their bodies so they too can go forward and do their mission.

I would love to hear your thoughts, and what’s shifted for you from reading this. Book a Zoom tea with me, and let’s connect!

The Healing Journey Formula

The Healing Journey Formula

Do you believe that being in great health is one of the best gifts you can give someone? Are you constantly preaching to your patients that taking care of their health is a lifetime commitment?

Do you stand rooted in their magnificence, and work with them so they can see their own magnificence?

If you do, you have the mindset of an elite healer. You are on the right track to truly make a difference in your patients’ lives and empower them on their healing journey.

So many amazing healers walk into my trainings with the noblest intentions and are at the tops of their respective fields. What none of them know is the literal healing journey they take their patients on. They think it is an abstract concept tell to their clients.

How many times have you said, “you are never done”, or “health is an ongoing practice”, even “it’s about lifestyle changes not diets”? I am sure there are many other variations you have told your clientele that just ran through your head.

Healing is a journey, except the actual journey is never talked about. We all go about health like its an ongoing marathon …. Kind of like hamsters running in a wheel. No idea where the destination is, or how to pace ourselves.

It’s time to change that! I feel, deep down in my bones, if we are going to transform the healthcare system, every healer must understand the journey they are guiding people through, and their role in it. This blog post is going to go over the Journey itself. The healer role will be my next blog post.

So let’s take a little journey together:

Everyone starts in “problem”. This sounds like, “I have a headache,” or my “tummy hurts” or “I was just diagnosed with a medical condition, and I feel lost, confused, and alone right now”. You have heard this from your clients, and I know you have all said something along these lines. That’s because we are humans. We will all journey together.

Now the next destination on our journey is coming into “awareness”. Now we know that we have a problem. We may even know where the problem is stemming from, or which organs are being affected. Anytime we are in “awareness” you have no idea how to change the problem. All you have is the enlightenment that you do, indeed, have a “problem”.

As we continue our journey, our next few steps are going to being us to “new skills and resources”. This stage of the journey is about asking for help and getting guidance to fill our gaps. This is where people reach out to doctors, and holistic healers. They are coming to you for new skills and resources they previously didn’t have. This is where most healers thrive. We love layering different modalities into treatment plans and watch our patients thrive. This is also where mot healers pretend that the journey ends. With them, and their amazing skills and resources. Alas this is not where the journey ends.

As we move forward, we find ourselves at the “Manage” stage in the healing journey. This is where we integrate all those new skills, and resources into our daily lives and learn how to do things differently than we used to. We start out as toddlers, learning how to go dairy and gluten free. Making a bunch of mistakes and learning to laugh about them later. After we have gotten the hang of all those new skills and resources, it becomes our norm.

Which leads us the last stage of the healing journey, “Solution”. This is where we are feeling better. The headaches are gone, stomach aches are things of the past, and you feel like a brand-new person. As a healer I love this stage. I also noticed in private practice this is where patients pretended that they were “cured” and didn’t need any more help. The next time I would see them would be when they ended up with another problem.

Which brings up the last important bit of information on the healing journey formula. We will cycle these 5 stages as we grow and up level as humans. The journey never ends. We get to keep growing and healing for the rest of our lives and then…. beyond.

What questions do you have? What just landed differently in your world? What do I need to know?

I would love to hear your thoughts, and how this changed your view on “the journey”. Book in with me a zoom tea and let’s connect!

Hypnosis as an alternative to general anesthesia

Hypnosis as an alternative to general anesthesia

Are you interested in an ancient secret that only a small number of people know about speeding up your recovery time after any procedure?

Are you curious how to speed up your healing while decreasing sides effects of any general anesthesia?

This secret is hypnosis.

You need to bring a patient down into deep hypnotic state known as the Esdaile state. After this state is achieved surgeries can be performed on people without pain. Using hypnosis during surgery has no side effects and have faster recovery rates. This is how powerful your mind really is. There is no need for general anesthesia.

Let’s take a quick look at the fascinating history of hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used for pain management during surgery as early as the 1800s. Dr. James Esdaile was a Scottish Surgeon who worked for the East India Company. He was the pioneer of surgical operations with mesmeric trance. Mesmerism is an early form of hypnosis.

What was fascinating, was the post op death rates dropped from 50% to 5%. Astonishing for that time period. Dr. James Braid, a British surgeon, was doing similar work during his surgeries. Braid was the Doctor who coined the word Hypnotism. Both have found hypnosis to be an effective anesthesia.

Now, Esdaile could take up to 4 days to bring a patient down into the Esdaile state in preparation for the surgery. This made it more comfortable for the patient drastically improved their likelihood to survive after the surgery. This is a long time for a doctor to spend with every patient before performing the surgery.

As Esdaile started rising in status, writing many books and appointed Bengal Presidency Surgeon, chloroform and ether came out as general anesthesia. These options did not take 4 days and were easier for most surgeons to use. There was no need for extra training in hypnosis.

Today Hypnosis is still used during surgeries. There have been modifications and advancements from the 1800s, and many people opt for a hybrid of hypnosis and anesthesia.

Now using hypnosis during surgery allows your body to be in it’s theta brainwave the entire time. Which means your body is already starting to heal during the surgery. This is also another way to reduce trauma during surgeries and makes sures that the operating room remains verbally empowering.

Most surgeons make sure their operating room is a sterile environment: physically and mentally. This means that the nurses are pristine with their language and speak highly of the patient. Being under anesthesia, doesn’t mean you suddenly become deaf. You will hear everything.

Adding a Medical Hypnotherapist to your team can bring a transcendental experience for all your patients. The unconscious mind is being empowered and given suggestions about healing, reducing scar formation, and boosting immunity.

So the next time you are scheduled for a surgery look for a hypnotherapist that can work with your during your dental surgeries or other operations. If you are part of a surgical team look at different options to help your patient heal faster and add a medical hypnotherapist.

What questions do you have? What do I need to know? What just shifted for you?

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Hope Medicine

Hope Medicine

Are you getting antsy just sitting there as the world around becomes more chaotic? Do you hear yourself constantly telling clients that “you’re going to get through this”? Do you see more and more mental health cases and addictions in your practice?

This is becoming our new reality. The world has changed so much in the last few years. We are starting to see mental health steadily increase, alcohol and drug abuse rise, and people are feeling hopeless.

We can sympathize with that, because we are human. The truth of the matter is, health care providers are the ones who are feeling it the most. We want, so badly, to heal the world and see our clients be the best versions of themselves. We have so much faith in the people we see that we give too much to our practices. Especially now.

What if I could tell you there is something that can easily overcome this? Something so simple that you probably overlooked it. What if all you had to do was make a slight shift to what you are already doing?

Would you do it?

There is one mindset that will combat all the negativity in the world: HOPE.

Think of installing Hope into every patient and person you encounter. That is the very essence of Hope Medicine.

This is our job as leaders in the wellness industry, to install hope into our patients. Our patients see our resolve and we can see them instantly get new motivation and a surge of energy. When they have ta cheerleader in their corner, giving them faith in themselves, the course of their treatment drastically changes.

Their treatment plan compliance increases, their mood elevates, their exercise becomes effortless, and those diet changes become possible.

In order to do this for our clients, we need to do this for ourselves first. We need to be searching for our own hope. Finding our internal motivation that lights up our soul enough that it overflows into our practice. If we don’t have this, we won’t be able to do this for others. It is about having that that undeniable resolve in Hope Medicine because you experienced it. That experience allows this to be effective.

It can be easy and effortless to implement. What is the one big dream, that lights up your soul to the point your entire body is buzzing?

We are all Healers

We are all Healers

It was funny, I was listening to What Happened to You? Conservations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing by Dr. Perry and Oprah, and one small phrase had me wracking my brain, and making new connections.

The Line was, “We are healers”. An Indigenous healer from New Zealand had told Doctor Perry this when he was working in a clinic there. Originally, he thought the woman was talking about the two of them. Later, he came to understand that the woman was talking about the community.

When I heard this story, my brain lit up. I immediately thought of our innate ability to heal ourselves. Of course, we are all healers! Of course, everyone has the capability to heal and help others heal because that is what people do. They heal. They form community and help their people through struggles. It doesn’t matter if you have a doctor in front of your name or certifications.

Humans have the ability to heal and therefore are healers. If we get a cut, our cells will form a scab, the scab will fall off and leave our skin healed. We all have this ability. So after this wonderful realization made e critically analyze what being a healer really means.

I take pride in my abilities as a healer. What do I really mean when I say healer then? I came to one logical answer. My job as a healer is to help facilitate growth and change the old patterns keeping people in pain. Essentially, I am a highly trained tour guide as the person sitting in front me heals themselves.

I unconsciously was still attributing my identity to being able to heal people. When I found out that didn’t make me special, I took a deep dive into my ego. This was the first time I really knew, in my heart, that I am a compassionate, loving and kind tour guide. Doesn’t matter what letters come after my name. I am not THE healer.

My self-worth isn’t wrapped up in what I can do for people. My self-worth stems from who I am as a human being; kind, compassionate, sarcastic, spicy, playful, intelligent, wise, and so many more beautiful qualities. This was another layer of my trauma physiology and mentality coming up to be healed.

High functioning over achievers and perfectionists run the limiting belief that I am valued for what I can provide and do for others. Cancel, Cancel, cancel that non-sense. I am valued for who I am!

A lot of stress released that I was still carrying around unconsciously. It is not my responsibility to heal the world. It is my responsibility to guide and train people to more effective healers so they can continue to heal themselves.

I cannot make someone heal. I cannot force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. I can facilitate and help them with different tools that will make them kickass healers. This means that my patients and clients need to step up for themselves. Take back what they are actively trying to project on me.

They need to step into being their own healer. I need to better facilitate their growth, motivate them to be an active participant in their healing, bring awareness to their amazing value, she light on their self-worth that they have forgotten and stand in their magnificence when they can’t see it for themselves. That job description is a very different one than healer.

What just shifted for you? What do I need to know? What questions do you have? Book in a Zoom tea and let’s discuss! I would love to hear what you have to say!

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