Hope Medicine

Are you getting antsy just sitting there as the world around becomes more chaotic? Do you hear yourself constantly telling clients that “you’re going to get through this”? Do you see more and more mental health cases and addictions in your practice?

This is becoming our new reality. The world has changed so much in the last few years. We are starting to see mental health steadily increase, alcohol and drug abuse rise, and people are feeling hopeless.

We can sympathize with that, because we are human. The truth of the matter is, health care providers are the ones who are feeling it the most. We want, so badly, to heal the world and see our clients be the best versions of themselves. We have so much faith in the people we see that we give too much to our practices. Especially now.

What if I could tell you there is something that can easily overcome this? Something so simple that you probably overlooked it. What if all you had to do was make a slight shift to what you are already doing?

Would you do it?

There is one mindset that will combat all the negativity in the world: HOPE.

Think of installing Hope into every patient and person you encounter. That is the very essence of Hope Medicine.

This is our job as leaders in the wellness industry, to install hope into our patients. Our patients see our resolve and we can see them instantly get new motivation and a surge of energy. When they have ta cheerleader in their corner, giving them faith in themselves, the course of their treatment drastically changes.

Their treatment plan compliance increases, their mood elevates, their exercise becomes effortless, and those diet changes become possible.

In order to do this for our clients, we need to do this for ourselves first. We need to be searching for our own hope. Finding our internal motivation that lights up our soul enough that it overflows into our practice. If we don’t have this, we won’t be able to do this for others. It is about having that that undeniable resolve in Hope Medicine because you experienced it. That experience allows this to be effective.

It can be easy and effortless to implement. What is the one big dream, that lights up your soul to the point your entire body is buzzing?