Integrative Quantum Wealth Programs

A Pioneering Approach In The Realm Of Holistic Healing And Personal Abundance Activation

Integrative Quantum Wealth Programs at the BHI represent a pioneering approach in the realm of holistic healing and personal abundance activation. Recognizing that healers often carry the weight of past lives and generational experiences, these programs are designed to facilitate deep personal healing while also addressing the practical aspects of financial stability and wealth creation.

At the core of these programs is the belief that healing is not just a profession, but a noble calling that deserves substantial compensation. Healers dedicate their lives to the wellbeing of others, often tapping into profound spiritual and ancestral energies. However, this dedication has historically been undervalued in financial terms. Healers typically reject money and abundacnce. With their unconscious belief that doing your mission means death, and it is unsafe to receive. 

Health is Wealth! The BHI seeks to change this narrative by empowering healers with the knowledge and skills to create sustainable wealth, ensuring that their financial wellbeing is as nurtured as their spiritual and emotional health.

These programs blend quantum healing techniques with practical financial strategies, acknowledging that true wealth is multi-dimensional. It includes training in energy work that transcends time and space, recognizing the impacts of past lives and ancestral patterns on current financial realities. Simultaneously, it provides tangible tools for financial planning, investment, and wealth accumulation tailored to the unique needs of healing professionals.

Wealth Activation Program

Healers have never been taught how to run a business and their primary focus is on their health of their patients. There is very little time to learn business and money management in between seeing patients, charting, advertising, accounting and family. You are responsible for learning how to successfully serve others while creating your version of heaven here on earth. 

This program lays the foundation for an abundant mindset and creating a healthy relationship with money.  This program is individualized depending on your biggest need, which will come to light during your Complementary BHI Virtual Healing Cub Call.

Rewire your business and money unconscious programming to dramatically increase your income. Stop hiding and playing it small, while you overhaul your limiting belief that it’s unsafe to be seen and do your mission. Boost your visibility to attract your ideal patients easily using the top mind body medicine tools to align your conscious and your unconscious mind. Learn the skillsets to create a work life balance that works based on how you are hardwired. 

The point is that you have everything you need. You need to access it within. This program will launch you into your healing phase with abundance.

Wealth Creation Program

You are ready to jump to a new level of success and serious about making an impact in the wellness world. You’ve been the broke healer who has trouble paying the bills and became serious about making a career in health then this program is for you. 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to bust through your first 6 figures or looking to join the 7-figure club. You are the common denominator in your life and the key to your own success. As long as you have a human body, you will have unconscious gaps and events that pop up and need to be healed. The poverty mindset doesn’t only affect your bank account. It seeps into your relationships, health, and faith. This Transformation is about unveiling the new version of you. The person who starts this journey will not the be one who finishes it. 

This program will do a deep dive into your unconscious wiring and wealth creation strategies. Change over 150 behaviours throughout this process in gentle and effective way. Let go of the emotional baggage, or your take off your armour that is weighing you down. 

As one of the guaranteed processes in the Virtual Healing Hub, you work with your practitioner until you’ve achieved your goals. The world needs you now. Will you heed its call?


Wealth Accelerator Program

It’s time that you get serious about making your dreams come true. You keep hitting your head against the wall are realizing that you want it to be easy. You’ve decided that you are worthy and you will become successful. You are willing to be lead through an effective, guaranteed process that allows you to blow your goals out of the water. 

This Guaranteed process is the ultimate gift you can give yourself in professional and personal development. Overhauling your unconscious business, money and relationship programs to change over 150 behaviours while clearing the emotional baggage and limiting beliefs you have running. The internal war going inside your head disappears. Your Unconscious and your conscious mind work together.

You become unstoppable, and work with your coach to breakthrough to a new level of abundance you have never experienced before. 

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