Metaphors as Medicine

What if you could start to restructure a patient’s brain in a matter of minutes? How about if you could finally help your sister with that problem she’s been stuck with for years? Do you want to deepen your bond in your relationships with your clients, colleagues, friends and family so they know, like, and trust you faster?

It’s easy, start telling more stories. Metaphors are one of the oldest forms healing, and they are rarely appreciated.

Story telling has been used for centuries to effectively relay information. We learn lessons on all four bodies as we listen to stories. Metaphors are so impactful that religious texts are written in them to convey deep morals to the masses.

When we listen to stories, we are captivated by them, and start to imagine ourselves as part of the story. Through our imagination we will start activating different parts of the brain simultaneously. “When the brain fires together, it wires together.” Meaning we start to create new neural networks that can start to restructure the brain.

Who would have known something so common, could have such profound changes on your endocrine system, your brain structure and nervous system? When we listen to stories we will secrete oxytocin, the love drug, and start to form deeper connection with people who are telling the story.

Metaphors can be used when you are dealing with a new patient, resistant clients, and when you want to give guidance to someone who stuck in their problems. The uses are endless!

How many times have you naturally told a story to help someone feel better? It is engrained into us. There just happens to be a magic formula that you can make a massive impact.

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