Neurodiversity: The neurophysiology of superpowers!

Do you avoid crowds because you find them overwhelming? Do you think differently than most people? Does small talk drain a lot of your energy?

You could be neurodivergent.

I was listening to the Divergent Mind and fell in love with this book. The drive for answers in the “abnormal” population is refreshing and the treasures that neurodivergent people have to offer is brilliantly explained. I identify as a neurodivergent woman and doctor.

According to the Oxford Dictionary Neurodiversity is the range of differences in individual brain function and behavioral traits, regarded as part of normal variation in the human population (used especially in the context of autistic spectrum disorders).

Plainly put it means that you are wired differently than the general population. There are so many different forms of neurodivergence, and more and more are being discovered every day. The main diagnoses that neurodivergent people have are; HSP, ADHD, Autism including Asperger’s, SPD, and synesthesia.

All these conditions have their hardships when fitting in to mainstream society. They find it over stimulating and overwhelming. What this book brought to the forefront was the underdiagnosis in women with these conditions, and how many healthcare professionals have no idea how to help them.

The Star institute has been making advancements on bringing awareness, support groups and helping individuals learn how to thrive with their individualized needs. Their main mission is about learning how to do you and working with the miraculous gift you were born with.

Designing your life to suit your needs is what everyone needs to be doing regardless of the neurophysiology. Sensitive people just have a harder time pretending that everything is fine. They also can process a lot more information than the average person. My high functioning overachievers are all neurodivergent.

It is a beautiful gift, you can do a lot more than the average, and yet there may be some mundane tasks that you struggle with; going grocery shopping, or shopping at the mall. That’s the yin to the yang. The balance required in life. Your greatest superpower is also your greatest downfall if you haven’t learned balance.

Through Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) I have learned how you can reshape your brain and increase neuroplasticity. Being neurodivergent or neurotypical is irrelevant, NLP works the same. We all need to learn how to create our world that allows us to thrive. We all need to identify our needs, wants and superpowers.

Build your life around those, and truly shine. We are the creators of our world, and there are obstacles and lessons to learn along the way. This is a journey for every single human being on the planet. There are stages along the journey.

Beginning the journey it is all about awareness and self-discovery. You had a wound that sent you down a path to find the people, places and organizations that you needed. From there you learn how to interact with your new awareness, you find ways that make you feel better and people that you relate to, and then the journey keeps going.

You are never done learning. You will go through the obstacles faster because you have more experience than you did at the beginning. A universal law is that change is mandatory! Growth is highly recommended during constant change.

Just because you are neurodivergent doesn’t mean that you have to hide away in your cave. You can learn to integrate and grow. Your superpowers are always going to be there as your clues to what you can be doing with your life.

Superpowers come in many forms…. Most of the time more subtle than you imagined. There are many executives and millionaires that have learned to use their constitution as a gift. Serving others and creating heartfelt empires that are inclusive.

While you are living in chaos, it is hard to clearly see that divergent people have the most important job of all….. leading the way into the future.

What if you could create a world that suited your needs and allowed you to develop to your fullest potential. Imagine a world where you could just be you, and everyone applauded your courageous effort. Imagine you ended up helping millions of people with your innate super powers being a leader in your industry.

This is possible and can happen for you. All you need to do is book a zoom tea with Dr. Liz, and she will grant you access into a whole universe you never knew existed. Full of wonder, freedom, passion, joy, and amazing people.

Book a Zoom tea Now. Your future awaits.