Our Four Bodies

Do you feel that healing the mind, body and soul is the only effective way to heal?  Do you sound like a broken record because you keep repeating “it’s not about changing your diet; it’s about changing your life”?

You’re on the right track. Root cause medicine is about working with more than just the physical body. It is about aligning and balancing all four bodies.

Every time I say, we have 4 bodies everyone looks at me sideways. They have always been told mind, body and soul. The easiest comparison I can make are these assumptions; balancing the mind is about mental and emotional health, the body is the physical body, and the soul is balancing the spiritual body. It is a different way to look at the same philosophy.

The Four bodies come from ancient esoteric literature and has a set of tools and behaviours that need to be mastered in order to be healthy. They are all considered bodies because they have a behaviour that need to be implemented. Not concepts, or theories of how to balance them, actual skill sets. 

The Physical Body is exactly what you assume. It is our body and all that makes it up. Bones, skin, organs, muscles, ligaments etc. We have studied the human physical form for centuries. We have even created specialists for that can tell you all about each system in our body and its individual purpose. When I am talking about the physical body, I am looking at the human body as a whole. How each system interrelates to each other, and how to bring our physical body into beautiful homeostasis. Our physical body is how we experience our reality, and our ability to heal.

The emotional body handles our emotions. It is not an abstract body. This body represents our relationship and feelings to all things. This is where our reality is interpreted and synthesized. How we feel in a situation dictates how we respond. Our emotions are how we interpret the world in the beginning. If left unchecked, we become over emotional and repress the emotional body you become hard and ill. The emotional body speaks through the nervous system, hormones, and water homeostasis in the body. Our emotional body is a bridge between the physical and mental body.

The mental body is about our thoughts, attitudes, and judgements. This is the body of our intellect. Everything we have learned in school, how we process information, which words we choose, and it deals with our focus, clarity and direction.

What we think will come from the mental body through the emotional body, release neurotransmitters and hormones, and cascade down to the smallest parts of our physical body. Altering our epigenetics. This has been well documented, and Biology of Belief is a beautiful resource if you want to learn more. Dr. Bruce Lipton is a genius.  

So what about our spiritual body?

Our Spiritual Body connects us to world outside ourselves. Through our spiritual body we are connected to the earth, the universe, God, the beyond, our higher self. Our spiritual body allows us deeper meaning and purpose. It connects us to all that is in existence. Doesn’t have to do with religion or spirituality. It has to do with connection, and that we are not alone. It really represents the unity between our soul, life, experience and destiny. 

All these bodies need to be balanced in order to live a happy, healthy, wealthy and thriving life. We will have strength and weaknesses in all bodies, and we will favour others. I know growing up and going through Med school I liked to pretend that I didn’t have emotions and spirituality wasn’t for me. Again, I was suffering from anxiety and complete denial that I have been given spiritual gifts.

 My mental and physical body got all my focus and were overacting on my underdeveloped emotional and spiritual bodies. It was only by working on my weakest bodies did I get better. Faster than ever expected. I accepted that I have a spiritual body and it needs to be nourished so I can truly heal. 

The human body and consciousness are incredible. How adaptable we are, and how all our bodies work together in beautiful harmony.

What is important to know is that illness will affect all four bodies. Illness also doesn’t start in the physical body, it ends in the physical body. It will pass through our spiritual, mental, emotional and into our physical body.

In our physical body we experience the discord of illness. To truly heal we need to heal more than just our physical form. We need to heal our thoughts and connect our existence to our divine mission.

I never thought I would be talking about divine missions and balancing the spiritual body. I thought doctors who talked of such things drank the cool aid and were off their rockers. I learned the hard way that I needed to be less resistant and embrace that I was really meant for more. The role of a healer is to do just that. We bridge people into their divine missions to align their spiritual body to work in harmony with the other three.

When the majority of the healer on the planet have the skill sets to do this, we will have a shift in global consciousness, truly use root cause medicine, and transform the wellness industry for the better.