Pivoting During the Pandemic

Do you feel confused about where the universe is guiding you? Do you visualize your dream job? Are you listening to heart when it whispers there more out there?

There is a reason for the chaos in the world. There is always a reason, and lesson that you need to learn. The real question is what are you supposed to learn from the pandemic?

It’s been 9 months since COVID turned the world upside down. We have seen major changes in the how people interact, and adapt to change. I transformed during the pandemic into an empowered healthpreneur that is finally starting to build her practice from the inside out.

I’ve pivoted from a general Naturopathic Doctor in a brick in mortar business to being the founder of an international institute with a completely virtual business, all while finding my specialization. Pivoting is possible; are you willing to transform into someone you’ve always dreamed of while you are pivoting?

Just pivoting your business means you take a new direction leading to new business resources, and forming strategies to implement the new changes you’ve made. Such as offering virtual visits, and adding online shipping of supplements. Transforming your business into your dream practice comes from looking inwards. True transformation comes from the heart. That is you. You are the heart of your business. You need to take the transformation journey, to become the person you want to be, in order to create the practice you want to have. Simple fact.

“Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice”—Heather Ash Amara

The pandemic has given the world a wonderful opportunity of growth and transformation. For the first time in history it has shut down the economy world-wide. The old systems of the world weren’t working, and people have come together to start supporting local and sustainable business models. Is your business model sustainable?

Ask yourself these simple questions:

    1. Do you feel energized after a day of seeing patients?
    2. Are you running the practice you have always dreamed about?
    3. How many people are you treating every week? And is that enough of an impact for you?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, book a complimentary discovery call with me today! Let’s figure out the best transformation pathway for you and connect you to the resources that you need for an empowered pivot.