BAI Practitioner
Bridging You Into Integrative Quantum Medicine.

Is This My Path?

Have you felt a pull to create a practice that allows you more free time, while expanding the number of people you can help? Do you see yourself wielding the most powerful tools on the planet to heal the world? Can you hear the whispers about awakening resilient transformations?
Adding 4 simple tools will transform your entire world. The BHI Practitioner course provides the foundation for the most powerful tools on the planet. Start wielding the power of the mind to create the life you have dreamed of. Learn the very very fast techniques to use with clients so you empower them on their healing journey; guide them to reignite their connection to infinite resources.

Gain 4 board designations that allow you to work in over 32 countries in the world. Designations include:

    • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
    • NLP Coach (Life, Executive and Health)
    • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner/ Creating Your Future® Coaching Processes Specialist
    • Hypnotherapist
This intensive 8 day transformational training includes complimentary $10,000 Clinic day. Learn to interweave these designations with your chosen healing modality, and enhance your practice. Connect with the Bolen Health Practitioner Community which guides and supports our graduates to ensure their success.

Seats Are Limited!!!!!

Are You Ready To Enter The World Of Integrative Quantum Medicine?

If you really want to learn NLP, and ready to enter into integrative quantum medicine, this is the your starting point. Integrating NLP into your practice launches you personally and professional to the next level. Join the BAI Practitioner Course held virtually.

This training will guide you through a stepwise process showing you how to consistently make good things happen for you, and your clients. 

    • Find out what is holding you back
    • Unleash your full potential 
    • Gain self confidence 
    • Learn the tools to keep you motivated and keep you motivated
    • Integrate the most powerful tools in mind body medicine
    • Learn innovative tools used to accelerate personal growth, and seamlessly transfer them to your practice. 
    • And much much more…..

Many healthcare providers interested in attending an BAI Practitioner Designation Training have a strong desire to become proficient in the most powerful tools on the planet. These practitioners are use NLP techniques to take their life and career to a whole new level of results. They want to wield these tools to assist others in reaching their fullest potential in mind, body and soul. They want to give back to those souls in their community seeking better futures, like they once were.  And they want it lightening fast!

If you join us for, BAI Practitioner, you will get  four designations in this one training in 8 days.  So, if you are serious about becoming a powerful practitioner with lots of self confidence, who is loved while being highly respected in the field of mind body medicine, then this course is for you. If you are serious about creating abundance in terms of health, wealth, and happiness then this is training for YOU!

About BAI Practitioner And Bolen Alchemy Institute

Join Dr. Liz and the Bolen Alchemy Institute for this exciting NLP, Time Line Therapy (R), NLP Coaching and Hypnosis Practitioner Designation Training. By combining the tools of NLP, Time Line Therapy (R), and Hypnosis, this accelerated training allows you to be designated in 8 days. 

Gain the confidence, and hands on experience of these tools even before you start the virtual training. Dr. Liz holds a Clinic Day for you to truly integrate these tools easily and effortlessly into your practice. 

Dr. Liz is the founder of the Bolen Alchemy Institute and a Naturopathic Doctor. She is in the process of becoming an NLP Master Trainer. Dr. Liz passionately leads overachieving practitioners to foster their own resiliency, overcome obstacles keeping them trapped, and raise their vibrations to get faster, and more effective results.

Bolen Alchemy Institute seamless blend allopathic, holistic, and quantum healing to get to the root of problems, and innovatively paves a path to wellness.

For more information, scroll down to read about the details of the BAI Practitioner Designation Training. 

Preparation For The BAI Practitioner Home Study

This unique training gets you started right away with a pre-study for the training on audio. You listen at your own pace, then come to the scheduled trainings and finish to course of study.

You will have ample opportunity to heal the past while also learning the skills of NLP, Timeline Therapy (R)/ Create Your Own Future (R), and Hypnosis. 

We have Trainings throughout the year, so you see schedule above to find the next BAI Practitioner near you.  

Your Investment

BAI Practitioner 4 Designation Training:

    • Total Training Cost:  $5700.00 + HST
    • Payment Plans Available
    • Additional Discounts Available
    • Includes a $10, 000 Clinic Day
    • Training price includes 18- Hour FasTrak NLP Practitioner Audio Program (Worth $1,138.56)
    • Three Different Phenomenal Resource Books
      • Time Line Therapy(R) and the Basis of Personality
      • Magic of NLP Demystified
      • Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Guide Producing Deep Trance
    • Complementary Shipping
    • Deposit Required to Secure your Seat
The seats are limited. You may need to reserve your seat soon. So apply to enrol by clicking below.

About The BAI Practitioner Designations

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) creates profound results on the brain and neurology that the effects can be documented on a Dry CT Scan.  The techniques that you learn in this course will create new neural connections between both hemispheres in the brain, and will have a profound effects on which neuro-transmitters are secreted and hormonal regulation.  Learn the science behind beliefs impacting our ability to heal, and identify the limiting decisions that are hold you and your patients back. 

You will understand how to harness the power of the unconscious mind, enter into the world of results oriented quantum medicine, and start manifesting the reality you want. You are going to learn how to use these techniques with self and others. Learn how to coach virtually and how to do all the techniques in person. 

During the BAI Practitioner Training you will learn:

1. NLP

The Basis of NLP:

What assumptions have you made today? Learn the fundamental assumptions and beliefs that allow you to begin to choose the empowering Mind Mastery model and leave behind the disempowering Mind Servitude Model. Identify and take control of the intricate connections between mind, emotions and behaviours. Discover the hidden secrets where mind, body and spirit connect. NLP is the clearest and precise model of how people learn, encode their personal world, communicate, and evolve themselves.

How to achieve your goals: 

    • Grasp the difference between goals that you achieved and didn’t achieve
    • Learn how to set goals and always achieve them
    • Eliminate confusion and ambiguity to gain clarity on your goals and others’ goals

Gain Rapport instantly: 

    • Instantly magnetize people to you
    • Learn how to be charismatic
    • Decode body language and learn how to use it to enhance the efficacy of your healing sessions
    • Start using your vocal tonality to gain rapport over zoom or over the phone. 
    • Learn how to create instant trust and liking when communicating to friends, colleagues, clients, patients, and even people you are meeting for the first time. 

Representational Systems: We use our 5 senses to encode how we internally experience the information from the outside world.

    • Discover how our 5 senses are represented internally to the nervous system
    • Learn how people use their 5 senses to encode their model of the world, while you effectively create instant rapport and mutual agreement.
    • Explore how we see, hear, feel, taste and smell can influence our physical response, and whether or not we are conscious of it. 
    • Identify Eye Patterns and learn how to use them to reveal people’s real thoughts
    • Increase creativity, flexibility, and learning through eye patterning

Submodalities: the secret programming to rewire the brain

    • Instantly magnetize people to you
    • Learn how to be charismatic
    • Decode body language and learn how to use it to enhance the efficacy of your healing sessions
    • Start using your vocal tonality to gain rapport over zoom or over the phone.
    • Learn how to create instant trust and liking when communicating to friends, colleagues, clients, patients, and even people you are meeting for the first time.

Language Patterns: Decode the hidden messages people use when they speak.

    • The words we choose are unconsciously chosen and have a special meaning for every person
    • Learn how to effectively communicate with clients, patients, and people in your inner circle
    • Get clues into people’s internal experiences through the words they use
    • Customize your speech to improve patient compliance to your treatment protocols
    • Learn to be charismatic and achieve instant acceptance
    • Leverage the use of abstract language to get instant agreement and induce trance easily
    • Discover how 3 questions can help you reveal specific information about a Presenting Problem (or any other subject)
    • Challenge and overcome any resistance or objections elegantly 
    • Learn how to start opening up their minds easily and effortlessly to guide them on their healing journey.

Anchoring: Feel the way you want to feel.

    • Change your emotional state instantly rather than being controlled by it
    • Learn how to install the ability to feel confident, excited and happy, in a matter of minutes. Best of all do this with your clientele
    • Create a trigger or stimulus to move you into a productive, and successful state.
    • Break free from unwanted responses to a trigger in your life, whether it is from the past or present
    • Access the “physiology of excellence” with a simple touch
    • Say Goodbye to procrastination forever

Strategies: Why we do what we do

    • Learn anyone’s health and well being strategies
    • Optimize their health and wellbeing strategies
    • Identify and alter the Steps of any Behaviour
    • Help your clientele to easily and effortlessly follow treatment plans through working with their strategies. 
    • Install Missing Strategies
    • Build your practice through Sales Strategies: Decision, Buying, Reassurance
    • Learning Strategies: Spelling, Motivation
    • Relationship Strategies: Attraction, Deep Love

Parts: Gain clarity and open the inner flood gates to your infinite resources

    • Learn to combine the parts of people  that “want to be healthy” and the part that is “sick” to launch clientele’s wellness
    • Dip your toe into the pool of knowledge uniting the mind and body for health results. 
    • Gain freedom from Inner Conflicts and Drama
    • Stop the “Part of Me Wants This but the other Part of Me Doesn’t This” Scenarios
    • Access Your Abundant Unconscious Resources

2. Timeline Therapy®/Create Your Own Future Processes®

Dr. Tad James is the Creator of Timeline Therapy®/ Create Your Own Future Processes®. Dr Liz has had the privilege to be trained by Dr. Kim Redman, a direct mentee of the one and only Dr. Tad James. BHI Institute has a strong and close linage to the genius who created this marvellous and transformational technique.

How to achieve your goals: 

    • Grasp the difference between goals that you achieved and didn’t achieve
    • Learn how to set goals and always achieve them
    • Eliminate confusion and ambiguity to gain clarity on your goals and others’ goal

Create The Future of your Dreams 

    • Using Quantum Physics and Universal Laws, learn how to easily and effortless use your internal time machine creates your future, and that of others
    • Integrate SMART Goals for more effective results
    • Eliminate limiting beliefs and decisions
    • Learn use your own hard wiring to make your future more compelling,  more exciting all while motivating yourself and magnetizing your future dreams to come true

3. Hypnotherapist

This is the most powerful of all the mind body medicine techniques offered the the BHI Practitioner Training. Hypnosis has been labelled the Miracle drug that has no sides effects according to (put cite here

Become a member of on the top hypnotherapy boards in the world: The American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).

This accelerated hypnosis training will:

    • Increase the body’s ability to heal faster
    • Increase Your Own Abilities as a Hypnotic Subject
    • Awaken a bond with Your Own Unconscious Mind
    • Self Hypnosis for Self and Others
    • Milton Erickson Inductions

"Finding the right healing path requires all or nothing. Once you place conditions on healing, all you get is conditional healing."

Caroline Myss


Book a Discovery Call with Dr. Liz. She will personally answer any of your questions.

Do I qualify?

The BHI Practitioner Training is open to all applicants. BHI accepts all types of healing modalities from Reiki Masters to Surgeons. If you have questions about your credentials book a call with Dr. Liz

Is the training Virtual?

This training is completely virtual. All the materials are sent to you, and you will be in the comfort of your own home for the entire training.

Does this mean I should give up my other credentials?

Not at all. Dr. Liz advocates for you to keep your crendtials. Through the course she will help you interweave these tools into your already existing practice.

Do I have to have an established practice to apply?

No! These tools can be integrated at any time. There is no need to have an established practice. Some people use coaching to pay for their medical degrees!

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