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Meet Dr. Liz Bolen ND TNLP TCHt TTLT

Dr. Liz ND TNLP TTLT TCHt is not just an international keynote speaker and a leading Integrative Quantum Trainer; she is a beacon of hope and transformation in the realm of Integrative Mind Body Medicine. At the Virtual Healing Hub, she doesn’t just address trauma and wealth creation; she touches souls, guiding them through a journey of profound self-discovery and empowerment.

Her story began amidst the disciplined arenas of Naturopathic sports medicine and the intricate art of medical aesthetics, but her heart led her to a deeper calling. Dr. Liz has become a beacon of light for healers, those who heal yet often carry unseen wounds. With empathy and wisdom, she helps them navigate their own traumas, unveiling the hidden magic in their healing hands.

At the core of her mission is a deep-seated desire to nurture and mentor. As the founder of her visionary initiative, Dr. Liz (ND TTLT TCHt TNLP) doesn’t just teach; she connects, soul to soul, with her students and fellow practitioners. She invites them to join her at the forefront of a health evolution, a journey that transcends the physical and weaves all four bodies into health. Allowing your spiritual mission to appear so you can create your version of heaven on earth.

For those who embark on this transformative path, Dr. Liz is more than a guide; she is a companion, a confidante, and a relentless advocate. She reminds her clients that amid our struggles and triumphs, we are all connected. Dr. Liz is a healing alchemist, a dream catalyst, and a shining light calling healers to find their home.