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Transformational Programs
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“Trust and embrace the Universe, know you have magic inside.” Dr. Liz Bolen, ND
Healing The Whole Programs

A transformational breakthrough for your mind, body and soul. These programs plant the foundation for your individualized guaranteed health and wellness results. Every Guaranteed program includes improved executive functioning, stress management, and health optimization on top of your personal goals. 

What are the Healing The Whole Programs?

They are Private one-on-one time with Dr. Liz Bolen, ND where you set your individualized health goals with guaranteed results. Eliminate your limiting decisions holding you back, align your values for optimal health, enhance your strategies for overall wellness, and put it into action to ensure lasting results.

Your program may include CFYTM (also known and TLTTM) and Hypnotherapy sessions.

Dr. Liz, ND gives everyone a BONUS parting gift in the Guaranteed Program (see below chart). You will choose 3 important milestones you want to accomplish in the next year, and Dr. Liz, ND will magnify your ability to obtain them. Your health goals are embedded into your future so your growth continues over the next year.

Anxiety Reducer

Healing the Whole Package

Overwhelm Overhaul

Healing the Whole Package

Burnout Buster

Healing the Whole Package

Mind & Body Builder

Healing the Whole Package

Adrenal Revamp

Healing the Whole Package

Unlimited Email Coaching

Anxiety Overhaul


Focus Enhancer
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3 Foods

3 Foods

Personal Nutrition Prescription

3 Foods

Personal Nutrition Prescription

Nutrigenomix Testing

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3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

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Additional Program Information

Anxiety Reducer:

Are you feeling stuck and you’re mind just runs a mile a minute? A mini breakthrough for your mind and body is just what the doctor ordered. An individualized program to reduce your anxiety, and remove obstacles that were holding you back. This program frees your mind to start flowing with universal laws, and opens the door for you to go forward to live an empowering life.

Overwhelm Overhaul:

If you are trapped by your overwhelm, and you are tired of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, this is the package for you. This transformational breakthrough for your mind, body and soul. This package plants the foundation for your individualized guaranteed results. You will be free of your overwhelm, empowered to impact others, and feel powerful enough to make your dreams become a reality.

Burnout Buster:

Are you trapped in your own body? Do you hear your mind trying to motivate you, you’re your body won’t function the way it used to. Can you see the future you were working so hard to build slipping away because you just can’t keep going? This Transformational package is designed to address your burnout. You will have increased energy, feel revitalized, get your memory back, and strategies to prevent yourself from ever burning out again. You will feel empowered to put your needs first. You will be able to make the impact you are craving, and have the energy, resources and tools to do so.

Mind and Body Builder:

Are you tired of fighting every day to move forward, only to end up right back where you started? Is your inner voice whispering to you to keep trying, because you know there is an answer that will free you of this never-ending saga? Can visualize where you want to be, and how to get there is hidden in the dark? This package reveals all the secrets of transforming your overwhelm into focused power driving you to achieve success you could have never imagined. This package guides you through strategies to conquer your overwhelm, fully recover from burnout, prevent future burnouts, reset your adrenals, and transform your body. This package weaves Naturopathic Medicine and Health results coaching. You will be given personalized prescriptions on supplements, nutrition, acupressure, herbs, and hydrotherapy (water therapy). Your body will be fully supported and your mind will be clearer. You will know what your need and want. You will be empowered to get your goals that you were too scared to even dream of before. You learn to prioritize your needs, and gain access to resources to help you continually grow. The mind and body builder takes you to new levels of success that you never realized were possible.

Adrenal Revamp:

Do you want to feel transformed in every way? Does individualized quantum healing tailored down to your genetic composition, sound like music to your ears? Are you looking for the answer that will guarantee you are set up to soar through the next chapter of your life? This is the ultimate individualized program that combines Naturopathic Medicine and Health Results Coaching. This package includes genetic testing to ensure your body has your individualized building blocks prescribed at the perfect levels for you to restore your body. Your health results are guaranteed and you will see levels of success seep into every area of your life. Your core fundamental strategies are used to transform your life to make you happier, more productive, and have more balance. This package looks at the most fundamental levels of your physiology and your mind. It’s tailored so perfectly to your alchemical composition that you have other option than to thrive.

To Learn More NOW About the BHI Offers Book A One-On-One Call With Dr. Liz, ND.