Re-defining Individualized Healthcare

How often does a textbook case walk into your office? Do your patients say, “I’ve been diagnosed with multiple conditions”? How many hours have you spent searching the internet to find the diagnosis that fits most of the symptoms?

You rarely get a textbook case walking into your office, and sometimes their symptoms seem random and unrelated. People are different. They experience the exact same medical condition differently.

Take someone with anxiety. There are many different manifestations of anxiety. Some people will overeat to comfort themselves; others will stop eating all together. Some people will have constipation, others chronic diarrhea, and still others will experience bouts of diarrhea and constipation. Even the way they experience their own anxiety can change and morph over time as they evolve.

The way we experience our reality will shape the way we interact with the rest of the world. This is true of our medical conditions. This is why, individualized healthcare as gained popularity in the last few years. It took into consideration our individual needs and our unique intricacies.

I would like to take this one step further. Each symptom that we experience is a message for us to learn from. That message is individualized to the person who is experiencing it. People who are experience heart palpitations would have different lessons to learn from the exact same symptom.

One may need to deal with their past childhood abandonment issues that left them feeling unworthy of love, another patient may need to deal with tendency to control the world around them. Guiding them to feel empowered on their healing journey has very different sets of actions and tasks. Yet the same supplementation and dietary recommendations would be indicated.

The areas that we need to spend more time on are different in every single case, if you want their healing to be truly transformative. Someone with anxiety may need to find their own place to live in order to facilitate their healing. Others may need to get a roommate. Each of these options requires different strategies and resource management.

When you make healthcare so individualized it takes into account patients’ unconscious programming, you change the entire health paradigm. You gain deeper insight into your patients’ unique needs and create more effective treatment plans. This also increases patient compliance and drastically changes their health.

We know that the body does what the mind commands. You train your patients to change the way they think and how their mind responds to stimuli, their body naturally follows. You teach them to listen to those slight changes in their physiology so they can respond in healthy way.

This is simpler than it may seem. This level of individualized care happens when you integrate neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, and NLP Results coaching into your practice.

Adding these tools will transform your practice and allow you to re-define the meaning of individualized healthcare.

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