Personal Power Matrix: Mastering Boundaries to Unlock Your Full Potential
“Trust and embrace the Universe, know you have magic inside.”
Dr. Liz Bolen, ND

You’ve heard it a million times, “You need to get better at boundaries. Boundaries are the fundamental building block of any relationship”. This is true, AND no one ever talks about how self-aware people use psychobabble to manipulate their environment unconsciously. The sneaky way, overly educated humans attempt to gain control of the situation by setting inappropriate boundaries, only to hand over their personal power on a silver platter. I have this shirt in every colour.

The Personal Power Matrix is an eye-opening look into creating personal boundaries with self so you can access, hold and use power. Gain clarity on the areas you have been using your talent to hide gaps in your personal development, ultimately keeping yourself small, broke and toxic. This eBook is your straightforward guide to keep yourself accountable, influential and profitable.

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