The Healing Mindset

Imagine if your disease was sending you a message. Wouldn’t that take all the weight of healing away? That in order to heal all you would have to do is decipher the message your body was sending you.

Sounds too simple to be true, right? What if I told you that you were making it hard, by how you looked at healing? What if I told you that you had the power to amazing things, including healing from incurable diseases?

You hear about these people all the time. In the medical community we call them anomalies, and we are told that isn’t the standard. In religious communities they would say that a miracle happened. We tend to brush these phenomena off, because we tell ourselves, “I can’t do that, or that will never happen to me, or that’s just not realistic”

It was realistic to the person it happened to. They would have been told the exact same messages from their doctors are what the doctors told you. Yet… they fully healed. Why? What makes them different? Why is everyone brushing them off, and not asking them what they did differently?

Maybe, just maybe, they understood that their body was sending them a message, and they took the time to listen to it. Maybe what they did differently was tell themselves that they are going to get through this. People every day conquer this illness and go on and to live happy, thriving lives.

Their mindset was one of determination and hope. They were stubborn! They were stubborn about being right. Except what they were stubborn about was being rooted in the fact they were going to heal from this and come out stronger from this experience. They didn’t care what they had to do or let go of in order to heal.

They stopped clinging to their truth that healing has to be hard and take a long period of time. They transformed how they viewed their health and healing. They took wisdom from their body and used it to get their unconscious need met in a healthy way.

This explains all the anomalies and miracles I read about. Too many people are fighting to be right versus happy, healthy and wealthy. They surrendered to the their bodies inner wisdom, and looked deep inside themselves to find the courage to do the extraordinary.

Dis-ease is a transient state, if you let it be. The healing mindset is about getting really honest about what you need in order to heal, both unconsciously and physically. Throw self-judgement and deprecating thoughts out the window. Your need is your need, regardless of how you feel about it. To heal, you need to become neutral about your individual needs, and unapologetically get it met.

Doing this requires you to change your lifestyle, habits and thought patterns. It requires you to grow and take charge of your life. I promise you, if you do this, not only will you heal…. You will find where your personal power has been hiding.

I ask you again; What if I told you that your disease is getting an unconscious need met in a very unhealthy way? What if that was the wakeup call you needed to change your life for the better?

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