The Physical Body: Working with Human Design

Why is that people always come in to see a doctor when they are sick or in pain? This is a question I have asked myself, my patients and other healthcare providers.

In North America we have lost the focus of health promotion and have started to focus on disease prevention. Which tells me that our collective unconscious holds the belief that “disease is evitable if you have a human body”. Which Is a ridiculous notion.

 As health care providers we have an abundant amount of information and treatments to optimize the physical body. This is where modern medicine reigns supreme, so why is it that more and more people are getting sick and staying that way?

In my opinion we have lost the basics to actual regulate our physical form in teaching the basics of how our bodies work as a whole. Our physical body is how we experience the world around us, our ability to heal and where we can access our power.

I have had many clients say that they wanted to get their power back…. Which is hysterical. Your power never went anywhere, you dissociated from it, because you didn’t want to be present. People now think grounding is an existential concept, rather than a set up action steps that has a physiological response.

Most people have no idea how to healthily program their Reticular Activation System (RAS) in their brain so they can attract more wealth, happiness, and health. These practical teachings have left the health care system. They maybe basic, and yet, they are the most effective tools that exist in regulating our neurological, endocrine and cardiopulmonary systems.

Our physical body works in a very specific way; our thoughts will lead to the production of a neurotransmitters, which will cascade through every cell in our body, and will control our epigenetics factors. Dr. Bruce Lipton is the reigning expert on this topic. Now overtime, the repetition of negative thoughts flooding the same pathways will train your brain, and how your body to react. This will end up forming your “normal resting state”.

So if you are have a lot of negative thoughts that are going unchecked, of course illness will become inevitable. You haven’t addressed the mechanism in which illness has entered your reality.

I always get the question, “What happens with viruses?”. Wonderful question. If your body is in perfect health and your immune system is optimized, will you be affected by the virus? The answer is no, your immune system would have taken care of it. Being in perfect health isn’t something that is going to happen 100% of the time, although your immune system will be strong enough that you will be able to fight the infection and heal from the virus quickly.

Now understanding that the physical body is the last body where disease will show up, is pivotal to health and wellness. That means illness has to move through your spiritual, mental and emotional body in order to create illness in your physical form.

Which disease you have is no accident either. The particular disease is a physical metaphor from your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is sending you a very specific message to help you learn and grow from. Learn the lesson, and magically watch your physical body start getting better faster than you ever imagined possible.

This view on healing predates Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda Medicine. These are not my theories; I just use them to produce “magical” results.

If we are looking to optimize our physical bodies, why are we focusing on medications and supplements primarily?

Medication and supplementation work and have their place in the healing journey. That is a given. They are not the be all and end all. The lifestyle changes being prescribed need to have regulation of the emotional, mental and spiritual body on top of changing your diet, getting more exercise, meditation and mindfulness practices.

Working with the unconscious mind is fundamental if you want to be an effective healer. Your unconscious mind holds all your health programs and strategies. It regulates your blood pressure, your breathing, and hormone secretion. Your unconscious mind runs your physical body. Going about health consciously takes a very long time, and a lot of willpower.

Going about health unconsciously allows for amazing results while you get to rewrite the programs that are running your physical body. You start to work with how the human body is designed to function.

Working with root cause medicine is not where you think. It Is much deeper than you expected, and a lot easier to work with, when you have the proper tools for the job.

This turns working with the physical body on its head! Good, it should. The way modern medicine is going about it now isn’t working. It’s time to transform and up level this entire industry.

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