The Secret to Magical Manifestation

Do you love hearing about the Law of Attraction? Have you read The Secret with no results? Are you hopeful that one day your dream job, or soul mate, or a boat load of money will magically appear?

Me too! I thought really hard about what I wanted, and waited for it appear. Except it didn’t. I wasn’t manifesting properly. Since then have had lots of mindset training and have some amazing techniques that accelerate manifestation. I use these techniques for my clients and myself.

After all that high-level training here is what I learned:

    1. Focus on what you want: I want a new car.
    2. Be specific: I want a brand new Porche Cayenne Eco mode 2022 in Navy with tan
    3. How do I know when I have it? I have signed the contract at the dealership.
    4. Be realistic: Can I afford the payments, and insurance on the car with my other obligations in my life? YES!
    5. By when: April 2, 2023
    6. Do something about it: Open a bank account to save for the down payment to buy it, AND put money into it monthly

Where is your focus?

I see this in my practice a lot. Everyone can tell me what they don’t want. They don’t want their pain, they don’t want a man that is disrespectful, and I don’t want a job where I have to wear a suit every day.

My response is always the same, “Good… I know, you know, what you don’t want, I want to know what you DO WANT”.

When you focus on what you don’t want, all you are going to get is more of what you don’t want. Stop and think about what this. Where you place your focus is where you are headed. “I am not going to eat chocolate anymore. No more chocolate.”

Of course, what ends up being on my mind all day??? Chocolate. By the end of the week I am eating an entire box of chocolate. I need to switch my focus to incorporating more vegetables in my diet. Miraculously I end up eating more vegetables.

Part of magical manifestation is being crystal clear on what you want. This is the hardest part. WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Being Specific:

Now you have figured out what you want. Be really specific. The universe has a sense of humour. “I want a new car” can turn into a beat up 1989 Honda Civic, with a flat tire.

Measuring your outcome:

How do you know you got your wish? What does that look like, feel, like or sound like? In my example I have that I signed the contract at the dealership. This is different for different people. You may know you got your new car when you see it on your driveway, or when the dealership gives you the keys to take home.

This is personal to you, and really put energy into this step. Visualize it the situation. What are you feeling when you have it? Are there any important sounds or smells?

By When:

Again, the universe has a big sense of humor and if there is no date on your manifestation the universe can take years to get it to you. And be specific here. April 2 of what year?

Take action:

There is a common misconception about manifesting your dream life of being happy, healthy and wealthy. You think that you can think your way there. I personally started manifesting this way. It is a mental exercise. I would think about what I wanted, put it down on a piece of paper, and hope it would show up.

You need to do something about it. You need to take action to towards it. Manifesting something on this physical plane requires work on this plane. This is the step that is missing for most people when they manifest. You will definitely get what you want when you start doing something towards it.

As I mentioned before, I manifest using these guidelines and have a few extra tricks up my sleeve that makes manifestation almost guaranteed. It is called Creating Your Future Processes(R).

I train people to use this technique. This is one of the most impactful techniques in my tool belt. Best of all this technique can be used on myself and with others. I use this technique all the time in my business, my relationships, and for my personal goals.

What questions do you have? What just shifted for you? Did you find the missing piece to your manifestation process? I want to know.

Book a Discovery Call with me. Right Now. I want to know how is it different!

There is no time like the present to start accurately manifesting your wildest dreams.