Why Would You Separate Mind from Body?

Are you fascinated by human consciousness? Do you feel it in your bones, that there is more to healing than what pharmaceutical company are feeding people? Are the secrets of the universe whispering to you?

I’ve always been fascinated at how the most powerful tools in mind body medicine are not mainstream. I never heard of them growing up, or when I was studying for my Doctorate in Naturopathy. One of the key differences in mind body medicine vs traditional western medicine is the fact that mind body medicine doesn’t separate the mind from body, or isolate parts from the whole being.

While reading Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra, I stumbled across the Karl Lashley experiment. Karl Lashley, a pioneer in neurophysiology, created experiments around the ability to remember things. Lashley was interested in which part of the brain stores memories. Naturally, he trained rats to run a maze.

Using sound scientific deduction, he formulated his hypothesis: if you systematically remove small portions of the brain, and the rat can still remember how to run the maze, then the part the brain that stores memories would be intact. Lashley systematically removed pieces of cerebral tissue and observed as the rat ran the maze.

Astonishingly, the rat was able to run the maze with more than 90% of the cortex removed and only a fragment of brain tissue left. Speed and accuracy were diminished, AND the rat still remembered how to run the maze.

Conclusion??? Every part of the brain, down to the simplest elements (the cells) must store the memory of the brain, while at the same time storing its own specific task. How else could the rat still remember how to run the maze?

Imagine that every single cell, molecule or electron in your body holds your memories. That the smallest parts of you contains universal truths and knowledge. There is wisdom in even the smallest, most “insignificant” part of your body.

Deepak Chopra talks about how innate intelligence is hardwired into our bodies, making it impossible to separate mind from body. He challenges modern medicine to stop trying break things down into segments in order to “understand”.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there is no organ called the brain. The functions of the brain known in Western Medicine, are dispersed into the 5 Zang organs. Those 5 organs communicate through complex interactions to maintain proper function. The mind (aka Shen) is transfused into and through the entire body. Every single organ, pathway, cell, and molecule contains Shen.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the most comprehensive and accurate model of the health, in my opinion. It looks at the entire being as a whole. To balance one organ system, you must look at the connecting organ systems, because NOTHING is separate. Balance and equilibrium are dynamic. There is no inkling to separate mind from the body. There was no need, and it is silly to think that consciousness and the mind would be a separate.

Picture this: 5 people working in an assembly line. Each doing their part to help the whole. Every person has a sense of intelligence, purpose, and memory. Each person knows what their role is and what they provide to keep the line functioning smoothly. When you study each person in the comfort of their house, outside the assembly line, they take on different roles. They cook for themselves, watch tv, and exercise. None of these activities are things they do while part of the assembly line. Think logically, if you study the person at home, do you think you are going to gain the access into how the assembly line functions?

This is why I spent years searching for answers that would explain anomalies. Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD said it best, “You need to delve deeper into the exceptions, in order to find the true theory”. If there are examples of where the model doesn’t apply, doesn’t that lead you to believe that the model isn’t 100% accurate?

Another way of saying this is through Occum’s Razor; the simplest explanation is are more likely to be the correct one. Does it make sense that the world works on more than one theory? Or that there is one theory, we have yet to discover, that explains the world? Why are we accepting a model that is only partially correct?

These critical questions are what lead me into Integrative Quantum Medicine. Using NLP, TLT®, Hypnotherapy, and health results coaching, I found modalities that have no exceptions. They have processes that are so transformative and accurate that health results are guaranteed in writing. This field thrives on results, not flawed dogma. I am so passionate about the healing capabilities of these modalities I train them to other health care providers.

This concept sparks lot of emotions and challenges the very foundation that western medicine, and arguably western culture is built on. Does this ignite your curiosity about universal truths? Are you intrigued and want to learn more? What just ignited in you? Do you have any questions for me? Send me an email about what ah-ha’s you got from reading this. I take the time to respond to every single one.